For over 25 years, the San Juan Pilots' Association (SJPA) has been an essential aviation hub, providing activities, seminars, and educational opportunities in the beautiful San Juan Islands. We invite you to join our diverse community, participate in lively discussions on our discussion forum, and stay informed by signing up for our announcement list. Start connecting with fellow local aviation enthusiasts today.

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Join the community forum to meet and converse with local pilots of the San Juan islands.

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Annual summer BBQ


Monthly Pilots‘ Lunch

last wednesday of the month

SAN JUAN GOLF CLUB, ​Friday harbor WA

Join the Conversation

For Experienced Pilots

Are you a long-time resident pilot in the San Juan Islands? Share your local wisdom and insights, and help guide the next generation of aviators.

For New Pilots

Need access to local knowledge? Want to ask questions about flying in our unique region? Connect with experienced pilots and learn from the best.

Community Connection

Discuss all things aviation, engage with local experts, and contribute to a supportive community.

Your voice matters. Whether you're an old-timer with tales to tell or a newcomer eager to learn, join our forum today and elevate your aviation journey.

Your voice matters! Whether you're an old-timer with tales to tell or a newcomer eager to learn, join our forum today and elevate your aviation journey.

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Scholarship Opportunities in Aviation & Engineering

At the San Juan Pilots Association, we're not just about flying; we're ​about fostering a community where dreams of aviation and ​engineering take flight.

What's On Offer?

  • Pilot Training Scholarships: Take to the skies with our commercial ​pilot license training scholarships. It's your first step in a thrilling ​career in aviation.
  • Aircraft & Drone Maintenance: Get hands-on with our scholarships ​in aircraft and drone maintenance. Become the backbone of ​aviation safety and innovation.
  • Engineering Dreams: Dream of designing the next generation of ​aircraft or drones? Our scholarships in aeronautics and aviation ​engineering can make that a reality.

Not sure?

  • Ask about an introductory flight around the San Juan Islands!
  • Inquire about flying yourself using our full flight simulator!
  • For more information, email or...
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